Absolutely no motive behind this blog except asking a few random ‘what if’s’? Enjoy…..and THINK!


What if personal responsibility meant something to people?

What if we had to rely on personal communication (letter writing, cards, verbal communication) and coulnd’t use electronic communication?

What if Clemson’s basketball team could actually win in Chapel Hill? (sorry Clemson fans)

What if there were never an American Idol?

Better yet, what if ‘reality’ tv didn’t exist?


What if we held politicians to the same standards that we hold professional athletes? (think about it…how many more stories of scandal in sports make headlines?)

What if we didn’t have party affiliation on the ballot? Would we know who to vote for?


What if the world tried to sit down at the table to negotiate with Hitler?

What if our founding fathers took the bribing gifts (land, title, etc.) of England’s ruling class and ignored their neighbors?

What if the South won?


What if we actually listened for the voice of God in our lives?

What if we actually did the right thing without selfish motives?

What if we loved each other HALF as much as we love ourselves?

What if we worshipped God in spirit and in truth?