We have recently started learning the song “The Lord Reigns” by Klaus Kuehn. The bridge is a reference to Psalms 2:1-4. The song says, “Why do the nations rage when the King is on His throne?” This lyric prompted me to think about the current economic upheaval this country is in.

It appears that the teetering of our economy has the entire world in a sense of panic. Markets all over the world are dropping as a result. Many Christians are in a sense of panic as well. However, through all of this turmoil, God is still reigning on His throne, and no earthly turmoil, whether political, financial, social, or the like can change that ever constant truth. God is the omnipotent King of this massive universe in which we live. Nothing happens that He doesn’t allow or know about. That is not to say that He causes these things, but He is not surprised by them either.

I am not writing this to encourage Christians to not be concerned or to be financially careful during these difficult times. This is simply an encouragement that in the midst of all of this difficulty, God is on His throne. That is the ultimate sense of security that I know of. No matter how messed up things get, God is in control, and there’s nothing that can happen that He can’t handle.