If you know me at all, you know that I am not at all a morning person. I tend to stay up late which probably compounds the problem of not liking mornings, but there I go making excuses. Ha!

Sundays always start early for me. Our worship team meets at 8am and I typically am at the church no later than 7:30 (barring no early morning children crisis). This past Sunday as I was up and about getting ready at home, I was running through the service flow in my head. I knew the direction that our pastor’s sermon was going and the only closing song I could come up with was one that we’ve done a lot and I just wasn’t looking forward to doing it. As a worship leader that’s not a great attitude to have when you are going to lead the church in worship, so I was praying and trying to get my focus where it needed to be.

As I was praying, the Holy Spirit prompted a prayer in me. At least I thought it was a prayer at the moment, but then as more of it was coming out of me, I realized that while it was a prayer, it was also a song. I’ve dabbled a little bit in song writing, but I’ve never had one of these moments before. I went scrambling through the house looking for pen and paper. I didn’t want to forget the words before I could get to the church and sit down at the piano.

In what could only be described as a God moment, the song, “Deeper” was birthed. God had provided a perfect end to our service on Sunday and I am so honored that He chose to use me as a vessel for His service.

Addendum to original post – Here’s a rough audio of what this song would ultimately become.  That morning it was just a chorus.  https://soundcloud.com/chris-darling-4/deeper