It’s been over a week since my last post, but given everything that has taken place, this is one of the first times I have felt like my head is clear enough to try to put something in writing. If it is incoherent, my apologies. On the back side of emotional turmoil, it is helpful for me to debrief so please bear with me.

On August 9, we received word that Beth’s father had passed away. We traveled to Belton, SC on the 10th to spend time with the family and of course attend the memorial service for Billy.

These events have been very traumatic for us (Beth especially). This is the first parent that either of us has lost. I have tried to be there for her through this process. I’m sure I haven’t done everything right with this, but I have sincerely tried.

On the day of Billy’s memorial service, I was reminded of the value of friendship. One of our friends from here in Summerville (whom I won’t name because they didn’t do this to get recognition) was sitting at the church when we arrived for the service. We were floored and this person will never fully know how much this gesture meant to us.

The day after Billy’s service, I found out that it was thought that my mom may have bone cancer and tests were going to happen in the next week. I almost shut down upon hearing this news. I couldn’t take anything else.

Today I found out that mom’s MRI and blood work was normal. We are still waiting on the bone scab results but her doctor feels that if something were wrong, the MRI and blood work would have shown something.

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to be on a platform playing with a worship team for the first time since leaving Crossroads. It was so refreshing and I am so grateful that our friend invited me to play. Healing began!

So…’s been an emotional couple of weeks. Pain, heart break, fear, healing, relief, and excitement have been cycling through me like a never ending merry go round. The ride is not over, but I am slowly becoming more willing to stay on board.