September 11

On a sunny Tuesday morning 13 years ago, this country was waking up just like any other normal day. Probably a lot like this morning. Parents taking their children to school, rushing off to begin yet another day of work. Travelers boarded airplanes with the anticipation of returning home to family, making it to that big meeting, or just heading off on a leisurely trip. Everything was normal.

Then it happened……..airplanes slammed into each of the World Trade Center towers as well as into the Pentagon. A fourth plane that appeared to be heading towards Washington with a similar purpose was commandeered by ordinary citizens who gave their lives to save others. At the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon, heroic men and women fought their way into the mess to bring those they could outside to safety. I could continue recounting, but we all know how that day unfolded with some 3000+ Americans losing their lives. I think of those brave first responders who went into that wreckage to simply be a lifeline to those who needed it. Many of them never made it out as the Twin Towers collapsed. Such a selfless act on their part. I know that most of them would say in any situation that they were simply doing their job, but to those who they saved and to those of us who are still here to remember, they are heroes.

On a Friday morning 2,000 years ago, Jerusalem was waking up to the excitement of Passover. However something unexpected had happened overnight. Jesus of Nazareth had been arrested by the Sanhedrin and had been taken through one of the biggest shams of a trial in human history. Crowds gathered around Pilate’s courtyard to see what would happen. We know this story too. Jesus, the Son of God, was tried, convicted, and crucified on that dark day. You see Jesus, though God’s son, knew that mankind needed a lifeline. Humanity had given way to the allure of sin way back in the Garden of Eden and kept giving in to sin from generation to generation. That sin separated the Creator from His beloved creation. There was only one means of redemption. The perfect sacrifice. Christ became that perfect sacrifice for us. He threw us the greatest lifeline in history and the choice is ours whether or not we will grab hold of it.

I love this song by Hillsong Young and Free. On this day, when our thoughts are turned to the events of 9/11/2001, may our thoughts also turn to the ultimate hero. Jesus is our lifeline.


You took me from the wayside

Called me Your own

Throwing me a lifeline

You carried me home

Jesus You’re all I want

You’re all I want

Over the horizon

Is where I look beyond

You’re the silver lining

Breaking through the storm

Jesus You’re all I want

You’re all I want

A castaway lost in the violent sea

Drifting away till You rescued me

You set my feet on solid ground

When I lost my grip love held on tight

Even my worst didn’t change Your mind

My guilt and shame lost in Your grace

Runaway heart in the distant land

I wandered so far still to find You there

There’s no escaping Your embrace

With my hope locked in and my future sure

My life has a cause worth fighting for

My soul exists to know Your Name

And oh

You are my hope

Jesus forever

You’ve forgiven my failures

You are my hope

You never let go

Jesus forever

You’ve forgiven my failures

You are my hope