I came across the following quote on a friend’s Facebook status today. “We worship our work, we work at our play, and we play at our worship.” As I think about it, I fear that this quote is sadly true, but let’s examine ourselves alongside of this statement.

We Worship our Work

Is your job the most important thing to you? Do you stress out to make sure that your tasks are accomplished and that your boss is pleased with your performance? Does your family take a back seat to your job? Does God take a back seat to your job?

We Work At Our Play

What’s your favorite pastime? Do you find yourself spending a significant amount of your free time trying to get better at it? Do you invest your money in tools to make it more enjoyable?

We Play At Our Worship

How do you approach worship? Is it entertainment for you? Do you only enjoy it when your favorite song is played or your favorite passage is preached on? Do we look for the social benefits of church attendance more than we look for the spiritual benefits? Do we actually participate in worship or are we just spectating like we’re at a sporting event? (It could probably be argued that many of us participate more when at a sporting event than we do when we come together for worship.)

As I re-read the statement, I am forced to ask myself the difficult questions that I have asked in this blog post. The evaluation of this isn’t always pleasant. I don’t always have the right answers when I answer these questions honestly. It’s in those moments that I need to find myself on my knees asking for forgiveness and for the strength to make the necessary course corrections so the next evaluation is less painful.