For the last month, most of my blogs have had a bit of raw emotion. That’s ok, but most of that raw emotion was negative.  I think it’s important to share one of the greatest things about the last month: my 2 girls.

For a guy, not working is difficult. It can shred your self esteem in no time. I have fought those feelings many days and still fight them. Ironically,  the greatest weapon against it is not wielded by me. Nothing sends those feelings running for cover more than the love and affection of my girls.

You see, they don’t care that I haven’t found a job yet. They don’t worry about the uncertainty of my immediate future. They care about one thing: daddy loves them. Nothing melts my heart like hearing them tell me I’m the best daddy in the world. (For the record, I’m sure that I’m not, but I certainly won’t tell them.) They love me unconditionally.  Yesterday we cuddled and watched ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ and tonight it was ‘The Prince of Egypt.’ I wouldn’t trade those hours for any job on the planet. Why? It’s simple. The greatest job I will ever have is that of daddy to Carrie and Hannah. It pays more than anyone can pay me. It pays love.

Take it from me,  when you have unexpected time to spend with your family……do it.