This past Saturday we received a phone call that I knew was eventually coming, but still wasn’t ready for. Beth’s dad had died. One of the 2 men (her grandfather was the other one) that had trusted me to take care of his daughter was gone.

A little more than 10 years ago I made a solemn vow to love and care for Beth in every way possible. This is something that I took very seriously and still do. This is the first time that either of us have had to deal with the death of a parent. What do I do? How do I best love and support Beth through this tragedy? God I need your wisdom right now!

Here is what I have learned in the past 48 hours. I have learned that despite the imperfections in how I have loved and supported Beth, she has a deep rooted strength that I don’t know that I’ve ever seen in her before (including the strength she showed 2 years ago when we almost lost Hannah).

She has cried.  Who wouldn’t? But beyond that,  she has loved. She loved her daddy. She loves her family. She loves her friends. She even loves those who have not reciprocated that love back to her. It is that trait that permeates who she is, not just in tragedy, but in everyday life.  I hope that I can show that same character trait and I really hope that our children grow up with that trait.

Tomorrow we will go through the ritualistic formality of a memorial service.  I will continue to do all that I can to be the man that she needs me to be for her throughout this process and beyond. However, I want it known that no matter how strong I am for her, her strength far surpasses mine. That is why she is my hero and I love her more every day.