Can’t believe I haven’t done anything on this site since Easter of this year. I do want to try to post here more often, so hopefully the few of you that read this will hold me accountable and shoot me a line if a week or two go by with nothing popping up on this site.

Having said that, I have a feeling this particular blog entry will probably strike a chord with those of you in ministry more than others, but I think it’s still something we all can benefit from.

I believe with all of my heart that the worship team I have the honor of leading each week at Crossroads is the most amazing group that I could have imagined working with. I’ve said that for a long time largely due to their musical ability, their flexibility in ambiguous situations, their willingness to try something different, and a whole laundry list of things that make my job as a worship pastor easier.

More recently, I say that about my team because they are simply an AMAZING group of individuals who love God and want to bring Him honor as we lead in worship each week. Here’s the kicker, I could always have assumed the previous statement was true, but until I dug in and started building real relationships with these folks, I would have never really known that. This brings me to my point.


We live in a society that prefers to communicate via text, social networking, email, or blogging (ironic that I post this on a blog). These are great ways to get information to the masses quickly, but let’s be real….you can not build a relationship electronically. You must spend time talking with people and doing life with people if you really want to know them. For many of us this is not easy because we may be naturally introverted, or maybe someone that we let in close turned and wounded us deeply. Whatever the reason, we MUST ask God for the strength to move past those barriers and build relationships with people.

How can we expect to win people to Christ if we aren’t willing to invest time in getting to know them first? Look at Jesus’ life. He invested time in people, and He continues to change lives across the globe. There’s a valid point behind the ‘Christianese’ line “It’s not religion it’s relationship.” The point is….RELATIONSHIPS MATTER.