Mark Driscoll and Ted Dekker. To most that’s probably a pretty interesting pair to put together. One a pastor/author, the other a NYT Bestselling Novelist. Somehow, and my guess would be through God’s design, these two men have in two completely different ways challenged me with the same question. Who am I?

The above books have both been recently released. Driscoll’s is a study through the book of Ephesians, Dekker’s is a novel that centers around a primitive tribe’s power struggle and also an outsider’s efforts to figure out the answer to the question of ‘Who Am I?’.

Here’s the absolute truth of the matter. As a Christian, I am a Child of the King. The Creator of the universe is my Father. That’s a pretty powerful identity.

Now here’s the sad reality and how many Christians answer the stated question. How many of these have you said/heard? ‘I’m just a sinner saved by grace.’ ‘I’m just trying to make it in this crazy world.’ ‘I’m hanging on for dear life.’ ‘I’m a drug addict.’ ‘I’m lonely.’ The list could literally go on and on.

When you are constantly using these negative phrases to describe yourself, you begin to believe that’s all that you are. It can mire you in a pit of despair (for all you Princess Bride fans). That is NOT how God wants us to live our lives. He wants us to live as ‘King’s kids.’ We have God Almighty as our Father. He showed us so much love that He sent Jesus to die for us. That’s a reason to be excited about who we are. What matters is not how people label or identify you. What is most important is how God identifies you. If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, God identifies you as his child. That’s pretty cool!