First, this is not a post about going to the hospital. If you know me at all, you know that I am probably one of the most squeamish people alive. I have been known to get nauseated during conversations about medical procedures, and it is also true that when Beth was getting her epidural during Carrie’s birth, I nearly passed out because the doctor found it necessary to talk himself through the procedure. No, I’m not here to write about hospitals. At least not the kind that most people think of.

I have often heard it said that the local church is a hospital of sorts. People whose lives are broken and falling apart find healing in the power of Jesus Christ. This is EXACTLY what the church is supposed to be. Unfortunately, the church is operated by imperfect people just like me and you. often times what is supposed to be an ICU becomes kind of a walk-in clinic with a 4 hour wait time just to get into triage.

There is a common misconception among Christians that for someone to be able to walk through the doors of the church, they need to have their lives already in order. People walk in the doors that look, talk, dress, and behave differently than we do and then no one speaks to them. How can we as the representation of Christ’s love on earth stand for that? Are we really that afraid to get our spiritual hands dirty and help someone to receive a new life through Jesus Christ?

As if that topic wasn’t hard enough to swallow, here’s another one. What about when one of our own goes down? Do we rally around them to help them heal? Do we hold off on passing judgment and love them as we are commanded to do. It’s almost like there’s an unwritten rule in the church that once you’re saved you can’t go down for the count (at least not publicly). I have seen it happen so often, where a member of the body goes down and rather than rush to help out, the rest of the church runs away. How can we show the world the love of Christ if we don’t show it to each other? It’s almost like we think sin, heartache, or whatever else may be hurting our brother is contagious and we certainly don’t want to have any exposure to it.

Rather than run away from our hurting brothers and sisters, let’s suit up and help them through life’s challenges. It will only better equip us to help those who have never met Jesus.

‘If we are the body, why aren’t His arms reaching.’