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Admit it. We’ve all driven past church signs and cringed at some of the lingo used on them. We label them as cheesy, sometimes judgmental, and often irrelevant. I typically tend to agree, especially when the church signs (which are meant to attract visitors) alienate those that don’t speak what I like to call Christian-ese. Let’s face it, we’ve all probably seen the 2 above phrases plastered on church signs at some point and rolled our eyes at the puns in play.

Now, here’s a serious question. What do we do when the subject matter of these cheesy church signs becomes all too real in our own lives? I’ve experienced this in my own life just in the last week or so. Confession time, my quiet time has greatly suffered in the past week. I wish I could give you a ‘good’ reason, but I can’t. It would probably boil down to something stupid like, ‘I’ve got just enough time to get through one more episode of _____ on Netflix.’ See what I mean. Real good logic there for putting quiet time on hold.

You see, quiet time is something that, despite my own ridiculous reasons for putting it off, must not be taken for granted. That time in God’s Word and in our prayer closet serves to strengthen, encourage, and train us. Skipping quiet time is the spiritual equivalent of skipping a meal. Sure, you skip one and you’ll get through, but skip multiple times and your body will slowly begin to shut down. How dare I treat my spiritual body like this.

When I have these spells I notice a few symptoms in my own life. My attitude goes downhill VERY quickly. I get mad at anything. My speech changes. It sometimes takes me a few days to self-diagnose these symptoms. Fortunately, my wife often diagnoses them before I do. What’s really funny is that when I realize what’s going on, I start quoting these cliche phrases to myself and they serve as a sometimes comical nudge to get my head back in the Word. The very things that I am so quick to criticize, pop into my mind and help to get me back on track.

Now while I still think that these ‘Christian-ese’ type signs probably don’t belong on a church marquee when you’re trying to attract visitors, I’m starting to think that maybe they do serve some real purpose beyond giving me something to chuckle or shake my head at while driving down the road.