We’ve all heard about growing pains.  Our children experience them as their bodies slowly develop. We experience them when life gets difficult.  As adults the biggest question for us is how do we respond to the growing pains.  Do we allow them to cripple us or do we grow through them and emerge on the other side as a stronger and better person?

In June of last year I began to experience what I now view as extensive growing pains. The circumstances that began the process aren’t important, but I can honestly say that I now know what it feels like to be on the potter’s wheel and to be suddenly taken off the wheel and smashed.

When bones break, it is imperative that they are set in such a way to allow for proper healing. The first step in my healing process was to find a church where I could be taught God’s Word, build friendships that would last, and simply spend some time on the sidelines and allow the healing process to begin.  I am so grateful for the church family that we have found at Northwood Baptist Church.  The process for me began there under the teaching of Sonny Holmes (check his blog out http://www.finishperiod.com) and the worship leadership of Matt McCall.  I think the week that probably cemented me at Northwood involved Sonny preaching about getting out of the shallow end. (https://charlestonheel.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/get-out-of-the-shallow-end-8242014/)  I was challenged in a way I hadn’t been in a while and the journey was on, full speed ahead.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge two events that happened before this particular Sunday that were probably my first baby steps on this current journey.  After leaving Crossroads in mid-June, almost 2 months had passed before I was even on a platform again.  Beth lost her father and I was asked to sing one song at his funeral.  I thought that was all I would be doing, but upon arriving I was quickly put back into worship pastor mode by the speaker and here I was playing prelude music, singing my one song, and then surprisingly being called back up at the end of the service to sing again.  After the service a good friend of ours asked if I was available to play piano for her worship team that week. We decided to stay through the rest of the week, and I was honored to be able to help.  It was the strangest of circumstances that would kick start my healing process.

Fast forward to last fall back at Northwood.

I was approached about playing keys in the band for their Christmas show (if you’re in the Charleston area, check out Christmas at Northwood next year) and Beth was going to be singing in the show.  This would be our first involvement at any level at Northwood and would be one of the best decisions we could have possibly made.  The relationships that have come out of that production have meant so much to both Beth and I.

I began playing drums in rotation and Beth began singing in rotation on their praise team. Then about a month ago, I became part of the vocal rotation for their praise team as well. To date, Beth and I have not been able to sing on the platform together which is something that I have greatly missed since leaving Crossroads.  Well tomorrow that changes as we are both singing tomorrow.  Not only that, but I am humbled and honored to be getting the opportunity to lead a song during worship.  I am both giddy with excitement and terrified about singing in front of so many ridiculously talented vocalists.  I am not fishing for reassuring comments here, this is just who I am.

This opportunity tomorrow feels like the final step of the healing process for me.  We are still looking for a full time ministry opportunity whenever one becomes available to us, but for now we are grateful for the opportunity to serve with an amazing group of people.

Here is the song I will be leading tomorrow.  It feels so appropriate that this is the first song I will sing in this capacity in so long as it reminds me of the amazing love of Jesus Christ.  In the midst of my darkest trial, I have constantly been reminded that He has been there with me all along.  His love truly has done it.