As most if not all of my regular readers know, everything in our lives for the past couple of weeks has revolved around Beth’s brain surgery and recovery.  I am happy to say that Beth continues to recover well.  She has attended a few classes at CSU, completed a couple of presentations, and despite her low energy level she is doing really well.

Last night was simply special for me as her husband and I’m sure for her too.  Our worship team at church schedules singers and players several weeks out in advance.  Well before brain surgery was even a thought, she was scheduled for this week and had committed to sing.  Her goal was to be able to keep her commitment this week and sing.  Last night was our rehearsal night and all day long, Beth was back and forth as to whether or not she could do it.  Ten minutes before it was time to leave, she wasn’t going and then at the last minute she changed her mind.

While she was in a chair for the entirety of rehearsal, there she was on stage doing what she loves to do more than anything else: singing praises to our great and awesome God.  I was working hard to keep my emotions bottled up through rehearsal as I stood on the stage looking to my left and seeing my wife singing just 12 days post op.

She's a fighter!
She’s a fighter!

I am honored to be leading one song this week.  It’s a song by Elevation Worship called Unstoppable God. Listen to the lyrics and then think of Beth’s story.  I’m shocked I sang it without breaking down in gratitude to our great God.