Monty Python fans, settle down. Despite the title of this blog, I will not be blogging about one of the most legendary comedic teams in history.  Rather, I am going to write about something that I haven’t written a whole lot about in my blogging history.

Most entries in this blog are either my sharing things that God has showed me in Bible study, or sharing stories from my own life experiences. While technically, this will be a life experience, it is not the kind that I have shared before. So with that said, here goes.

A year ago this coming Memorial Day, I stepped on the scale and nearly had a heart attack.  I knew that I had put on weight, but never in a million years would have expected the scale to read 287lbs.  That wasn’t possible was it?  I was a 2 sport athlete in high school, and was still somewhat active playing softball, tennis, and basketball when the opportunity arose.  How had I let myself get to within 13lbs. of weighing 300lbs.?

The few people that I shared that number with, did what most good friends would do.  They told me that there was no way that I looked that heavy, I ‘carried it well’, etc. Then I started looking in the mirror with an honest eye and I hated what I saw.  I hit the gym with a fervor. I was much more careful about what I ate. I saw results.  In fact, by August I had gone from 287lbs. down to 256lbs.


I was very pleased with myself as I had managed to continue to lose weight despite the emotional stress of my departure from Crossroads as well as helping Beth get through the loss of her father.  Nothing was going to stop me……until it did.

I could use all of the cliches about life happening and all of that stuff, but let’s be honest.  I got lazy, complacent, and truth be told probably a little bit depressed.  The workouts stopped.

Fast forward to 4 weeks ago this past Monday.  I was getting ready to head down to the hospital to be with Beth following her surgery.  I had been feeling kind of blah with not much energy even before we found out about Beth’s tumor and decided that I should at least do a quick weight check.  I knew I had put some back on because my last attempt to buy a few clothing items that I needed was a nightmare.  When I looked at the scale, my heart sank and I was genuinely embarrassed even though I was the only one in the room.  It read 298lbs.  I had gained everything I worked so hard to lose back plus an additional 11lbs.

That day, I made a decision to change anything that I could change.  Being out of work, makes the Y not possible for me, but I do have tennis shoes, a neighborhood, a trail within 2 miles of the house, and 2 legs to carry me.  I also have this wonderful MyFitnessPal app on my phone that I hadn’t used in months that would help me track my food intake. (Side note – for me, the only way that I eat well is by tracking everything I put in my mouth.  If I don’t log my food intake, I eat horrendously.  I strongly recommend finding a way to track that.  There are several apps out there that will help.)

I have a love/hate relationship with running.   I love the health benefits (cardio, weight loss, endurance), but I simply hate running.  For me to run consistently I have to have a plan of attack and a program to stick to.  I decided to use the 5k training for beginners on the Nike+ app.  This gives you a laid out plan each week for 8 weeks that culminates in you running a 5k. Again, there are many apps out there that have similar features. Find one that works for you.

I’ve written all of that to say this. In the last 25 days (I actually began on April 20) I am down 13lbs. to 285lbs. I am in week 4 of my 8 week program on Nike+ and have 2 successful runs of 4 miles under my belt and will knock out a 5 mile run this Saturday.  I have a VERY long way to go and I don’t deny that.  I am going to attempt to post a short blurb at least once a week on here sharing my progress.  As one final thing: even though it is embarrassing to share your struggles with weight, it helps to have people encouraging you along the way.  Don’t try to do it alone.  This past Monday, I went for a run with a friend of mine that just recently completed 2 half marathons in the same weekend.  You can check out his blog at if you want to check out his exploits.  He could have easily completed that 3 mile circuit in about half the time that we did it in, but he hung with me through the whole thing and it made the run so much more enjoyable.

Run with David Geddings
Run with David Geddings

That’s about it for now.  Let my journey encourage you!  Have a great week!