I have to confess. When I hear those two words together there are two different images that come to my mind.  The first is from the classic musical, “Fiddler On The Roof.”

The second is from the Disney animated film, “Mulan.”

Now that I have divulged that side of myself, I have to say that this blog post will not be about either one of those films.  Disappointed? Don’t be. I’m sure that most of you would rather not read my rantings about musicals.  So let’s move on to another topic: laundry.

If you are like me there is one part of doing the laundry that I absolutely loathe, and that is the process of matching socks.  It’s bad enough for adult socks as there always seems to be a monster inside the dryer that eats at least one sock per load, but when you add kids’ socks into the mix it becomes a full on nightmare.  They all look alike until you think you have a match and then you realize that one sock is an inch longer than the other. I’m telling you, the struggle is real.


Well, today as I was going through the grueling process of matching socks, the song ‘Matchmaker’ popped into my head and my brain started piecing together this blog entry.  I thought about the frustration and aggravation of having 15 individual socks laid out in front of me as I go through the last batch of mismatched socks to look for what ultimately becomes about 5 matches.  Now there are 10 more mismatched socks added to the pile.  I think if the pile ever shrunk, I would think that someone had randomly thrown out some socks.

Now we will take a hard right turn and completely change subjects.  Call me a hopeless romantic, highly delusional, or any other description that comes to your mind. That’s fine with me.  I firmly believe that when God created Beth, He was creating her with me in mind.  I also believe that when God was creating me, He was doing so with Beth in mind.

You made my whole being; You formed me in my mother’s body. – Psalm 139:13 (NCV)

If God took the time and effort to form us inside of our mother’s wombs, why is it a stretch to think that as He was doing so, He knew exactly who He had created for us to partner with in life?  Granted, we are humans with free will so we don’t always get it right on our own, but that doesn’t change my opinion that God in His infinite wisdom and omniscience, created the perfect mate for us.

I have no doubt that Beth was created for me.  It takes a special kind of person to put up with all of my quirks and faults (trust me there are plenty of each), and Beth does so with ease.  It’s just another amazing thing about God that the Creator of the universe would take the time to create that perfect match for me.  What an amazing display of God’s love that maybe we often times either don’t think about or maybe we simply take it for granted.

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