I’m getting this out a little bit later in the day than I normally do, but we are currently visiting family in Maryland so the schedule is a little bit out of whack.  I will say that I got all but 3 miles of my training in last week.  The three miles were supposed to be a simple walk yesterday, but I spent that day in the car driving from Summerville, SC to Finksburg, MD so I will give myself a pass on not getting that walk in.  I am also going to have to juggle my training schedule this week as we are taking the kids to Hersheypark on Tuesday, so my Tuesday run will now happen on either Wednesday (normal cross training day) or Thursday (normal rest day).  I am absolutely stunned when I look at the progress I made during May.  I logged 81 miles during the month.  I’m not sure I’ve ever logged more than 30 in a month before.  That said, here was my week at a glance.

All my running was done on the Sawmill Branch trail in Summerville this week.

Monday, May 25 – 4.08 miles at a pace of 12:01 (woohoo!!)

Tuesday, May 26 – 5.17 miles at a pace of 13:47 (5th consecutive day of training is always hard)

Wednesday – May 27 – Biked 4.1 miles

Thursday – May 28 – Biked 4.5 miles

Friday, May 29 – Ran 4.06 miles at a 12:52 pace

Saturday, May 30 – Ran 5.53 miles at a 13:22 pace (personal note – i was at a sub-13 pace up until the 5 mile split)

Sunday, May 31 – No workout (driving to Maryland)

Now for my weight progress.  I weighed on Saturday, the 30th. I won’t weigh again until I return home as I like to use the same scale. As of Saturday, I had lost 4.2 lbs for the week bringing my total weight loss to date to 23.8 lbs. In happier news, a pair of shorts that I just bought about 2 months ago now must be worn with a belt or they will not stay up.  Those results are more encouraging than the numbers on the scale.

Now if I can survive I day in Chocolate Town, USA without absolutely ruining this progress…..

Have a great week!