This update is solely for accountability purposes as last week was not a good week for training purposes as we were in Maryland visiting family.  I did manage to get two runs in: one on Monday of 4.12 miles at a 13:10 pace and another on Friday of 4.38 miles at a 12:50 pace.  It’s a completely different animal running in Maryland.  Where we live in SC is very flat so there is not a lot of hill work to be done.  No matter which route I took in Maryland there were hills to navigate and boy does it make a difference.

I also have not weighed yet as I don’t want to get on a scale until I get on my scale back home for consistency.  I managed to get through the entire week of vacation with only one day of going over my calorie limit and that was completely my fault by wasting about 500 calories on soda.  That’s gotta stop.

When I get home and get on the scale I will post a brief update on my weight loss progress as I am curious to see how I managed to do while being out of town.