I love the Timehop app. For those who are not familiar, it connects to your social media pages and then each day it shows you what you posted on that same day in previous years.  Most days it brings a smile or a chuckle to me as I’ll find a picture of my kids and wonder where the time has gone or I’ll see something I posted and remember what was going on when I posted it.  Generally speaking, it is a very cool app.

timehopYesterday, when I pulled up my daily Timehop feed, I felt like I got punched in the gut.  Among the posts from last year, was a set list from my time at Crossroads.  This wasn’t just any set list, it was my last set list.  The crazy thing is that when I made that set list and led those songs of worship, I had no idea it would be my last time leading there.

I have come to find that we can get comfortable where we are and that is a pretty good description of where I was at this point a year ago.  The problem with being comfortable is that it often takes a swift kick in the pants to get us to move.  That’s what happened.  The swift kick in the pants came just 3 days later on a Wednesday night when a mutual decision was made to end my time at Crossroads.  I know many were shocked when it was announced that following Sunday.  I was one of the ones that was shocked.

This isn’t meant to be a sad post at all.  It is merely a time to reflect.  I am proud of the work that was accomplished in worship ministry during my eight year tenure at CCC. We made some great friends and had some wonderful experiences.  I greatly miss the people that were part of our lives there and I always will.  God took us from comfortable to uncomfortable in the blink of an eye.

We have stayed uncomfortable for the past twelve months.  Those who know us are aware of everything that has happened to us during this year so there’s no need to rehash those events.  You can figure them out by looking through the archives of this blog if you really want to.  All of those posts from my old blogger page have been transferred over to this site, so those interested, can take a look through them.

While Timehop messed me up yesterday and today, it has also forced me to look at the positive things that these twelve months in God’s waiting room have brought with them.  We saw Beth graduate from CSU just last month. That was major. God is continuing to heal Beth as she recovers from her brain surgery  in April.  How is that a positive? The tumor was completely benign, they got it all out, and she should be off of all of her post op meds by the end of August.  I’ll praise God for that report.

I have grown as a husband, father, and Christian.  I have been reminded that my value to my wife and kids goes far beyond what I can financially provide for them. Their love for me is not attached to stuff.  It’s attached to who I am and I am forever grateful for that.  I’m not the same Christian that I was a year ago.  I’ve learned that God is still in control and He still loves me even when the prayer requests go seemingly unanswered for months on end.  It hasn’t been easy, but we’re still here and we haven’t given up.  I’ve been reminded how important time in God’s Word is.  When it’s all you have to cling to, you develop a much stronger attachment to it and I pray that I don’t lose that attachment again.  No matter how busy life gets, there must always be time for God.  Other things can wait.

So, did Timehop mess me up yesterday? Absolutely. I’m glad it did.  If it hadn’t I don’t think I would have been in the place to be reminded just how much good has happened in the last twelve months amidst the hardships.

I discovered this song this morning. I hope it speaks to you the way it did to me.

I also kind of rediscovered this song today.  Enjoy.