Good morning! I know I haven’t been posting updates since the beginning of this 8 week (so far) journey, but I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks since I started and it’s been 9.5 weeks since Beth had her brain surgery which in a weird way is probably what started me on this journey to get back into shape and lose roughly 100 lbs.

We got home from our trip to Maryland on Tuesday of last week and I was very curious to see how my body would respond to getting back onto my normal running/biking routine.  I still ran while in Maryland but not with the frequency that I run here at home.  Well, I ended up being very pleased with how my body responded.  Here’s last week’s workout diary.

Monday – Ran 3.12 miles at an 11:54 pace

Tuesday – No workout (driving all day)

Wednesday – No workout (recoup from driving all day….lazy I know)

Thursday – Ran 5.39 miles at a 12:43 pace (I set a PR for 5K of 35:56 and then I seemed to hit the wall between 3.5-4 miles and it killed my pace)

Friday – Biked 5.6 miles in 29:43. This is my longest ride to date (might try to beat it today)

Saturday – Ran 3.52 miles at an 11:35 pace. Also set a PR for 5K of 34:57 (almost a minute better than Thursday’s PR). I was joined by David Geddings aka and his friend Luke for the first 1.75 miles on the trail before I turned back and they kept going on a grueling 9 mile run. They pushed me to a 10:45 pace when I split off from them. Thanks guys!

Sunday – I almost didn’t get out of bed early enough to get this run in before church, but I coaxed myself into because the temps were going to be blistering in the afternoon and I wasn’t about to do 3 miles in close to 100 degree heat.  Well, I ran 3.17 miles at an 11:12 pace and set yet another PR for 5K at 34:33.  I was very glad that I got out of bed.

My PR 'Award' from my Nike Plus App
My PR ‘Award’ from my Nike Plus App

So, what were the results of this hard work? I dropped another 4 pounds from last Wednesday’s weigh in.  This brings my 8 week weight loss total to 32.4 lbs. I am starting to feel better and ironically a pair of shorts that I bought only 2.5 months ago I can only wear with a belt cinched as tight as it will go.  The number on the scale is encouraging, but physical evidence like that is even better!  Well, I’m going to wrap this up and go jump on the bike before it gets any hotter out there! So long from Summerville, SC.

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