June was another solid month in my running progress.  I didn’t quite log as many miles as in May, but I also spent a decent amount of time on the road and only managed to miss 3-4 runs all month.  It’s hard to be upset about that.  Here’s the quick synopsis.

In June I went on 16 runs at an average distance of 3.8 miles/run.  My average per mile pace was 12;03.  Total distance ran was 62.2 miles.

In comparison, here are May’s numbers.

May had 23 runs with an average distance of 3.3 miles/run. The average per mile pace was 14:14. Total distance ran was 76.9 miles.

So June had 7 fewer runs than May.

June’s runs averaged .5 miles more than May’s runs.

June’s average per mile pace was 2:11 faster than May. (This is the number I am the proudest of)

June’s total distance was 14.7 miles less than May.

For one other progress snapshot, June’s weight loss was 13.6 lbs.  Not too shabby.