Well, it felt good to have a normal week where we weren’t on the road for anything and my training schedule didn’t get interrupted by anything.  It turned out to be a fantastic week and I am very excited to share this week’s training log and progress with you. Monday, June 29 – ran  3.18 miles at an 11:55 pace. Tuesday, June 30 – ran 5.51 miles at an 11:53 pace. Wednesday, July 1 – ran 3.04 miles at an 11:26 pace Thursday – July 2 – Biked 5.3 miles in the morning in 49:47 (my kids joined me so the pace was not important); Bike 3.0 miles in the evening in 16:51 (definitely more of a training pace) Friday – July 3 – ran 3.2 miles at an 11:19 pace Saturday – July 4 – ran 6.17 miles (personal best for distance) at a 12:08 pace Sunday – July 5 – Biked 3.8 miles in 21:56 Here’s the Nike Plus snapshot of the week. week11 So here’s the results of my work.  I don’t think that I’ve ever shared what my starting weight was 78 days ago as to be honest that I was embarrassed by it.  I weighed 298.8 lbs just 11 weeks ago.  That is 10 lbs. heavier than I had ever weighed and I felt like crud.  The decision that I made was to get healthy and do it by being smart with food choices and by becoming more physically active.  Well, this week’s activity resulted in a loss of 4 lbs. bringing my weight to 258.2 and my total weight loss is now 40.6 lbs.! It feels great!! 40+pounds+lost