I didnt want to post this today, but for the sake of accountability, I will. I didn’t gain, but I didn’t lose anything either. Kind of frustrating. That said, here’s my training log.

Monday, July 13 – Biked 9 miles in 51:55
Tuesday, July 14 – ran 5.02 miles at an 11:23 pace
Wednesday, July 15 – ran 4.13 at an 11:53 pace
Thursday, July 16 – no workout
Friday, July 17 – ran 4.02 miles at an 11:53 pace
Saturday, July 18 – no workout
Sunday, July 19 – no workout


I missed a scheduled 6 mile run on Saturday. There are times when your body tells you that it needs a rest and mine did just that. Over the previous 10 days we traveled a total of roughly 1,500 miles in the car for a job interview and for a trip to visit Beth’s family. Add that to 2 automobile trips to Maryland and back in June and I feel as if my entire summer has been spent in a car. Back to the grind this week.

Official starting weight – 298.8
Last week’s weight – 255.2
This week’s weight – 255.2
Change – 0.0
Total weight loss – 43.6 lbs.