I know that lately all of my posts have been like this one. For those that enjoy my other writings, they’re coming. It’s just hard to blog consistently when your laptop is dead. (If anyone wants to bless me with one…..just kidding.)

It was good to have a normal week where I didn’t miss any runs and I pushed through some barriers including miles in a week and single run distance. I didn’t get on the bike at all last week, so I hope to do that more this week.  So, here is what I got accomplished last week.

Monday, July 20 – 4.12 miles at an 11:22 pace
Tuesday, July 21 – 7.05 miles at a 12:09 pace. I set 4 PR’s including time of run (1:25:42), fastest 10k (1:13:58), farthest run, and calories burned (1,246).
Wednesday, July 22 – 4.02 miles at an 11:46 pace
Thursday, July 23 – no workout
Friday, July 24 – 4.06 miles at an 11:21 pace
Saturday, July 25 – 7.02 miles at an 11:37 pace. I set a new 10k PR of 1:12:05 which knocked 1:53 off of my previous PR.
Sunday, July 26 – no workout


So what did all this running get me?

Starting Weight – 298.8 lbs.
Last Week’s Weight – 255.2 lbs.
This Week’s Weight – 250 lbs.
Change – Down 5.2 lbs.
Weight Loss To Date – 48.8 lbs.

I’m not gonna lie. I wantred to hit 50 lbs. this week, but it didn’t happen. Oh well, it’s going to happen soon.