Well, week 15 is in the books. It was another great week running. Progress continues to be made and results are continuing to show. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that reads, likes, and comments on these updates. Your encouragement means a lot. I also want to say a huge thank you to my wife, Beth for being such a great encourager to me as I continue down this road to a fit life.

Here is this week’s workout summary.

Monday, July 27 – 4.01 miles in 43:38 (10:53/mile). I set a new 5k PR of 32:34 which was 1:32 faster than my previous best.
Tuesday, July 28 – 6.0 miles in 1:11:27 (11:53/mile).
Wednesday, July 29 – 4.12 miles in 48:44 (11:50/mile).
Thursday, July 30 – no workout
Friday, July 31 – 4.08 miles in 45:47 (11:12/mile)
Saturday, August 1 – 6.38 miles in 1:11:02 (11:07/mile). I set a new 10k PR of 1:09:19 which was 2:46 faster than my previous best.


July was an awesome running month for me as I hit the 90 mile mark for the first time. So, here’s what all that work helped me to accomplish.

Beginning weight – 298.8
Last week’s weight – 250
This week’s weight –  247.4
Change – Down 2.6
Total weight loss – 51.4 lbs.

I cracked the 50 pound barrier this week!! This is what 50 lbs of fat looks like.


Thanks for all the encouragement!