Anyone that has followed this blog over the last few months knows that I have been working hard to lose weight. Part of that process has been running. More recently, I have moved my runs from our neighborhood to the Sawmill Branch Trail here in Summerville. It is a much more scenic run as you can see here in this picture.


I have also noticed a strange phenomenon that seems to occur only on this trail. People actually acknowledge each other. Total strangers out there running, walking, and biking actually taking time to wave, say good morning (if their breathing will allow it) or even a simple nod of the head.

I started thinking, why doesn’t this happen in the aisles of the grocery store, Wal Mart, or on the sidewalk in passing? I mean, it’s the same principle. We pass by others constantly and don’t even acknowledge their existence. What is it about the trail that allows us to take down barriers and at least notice people?

I have come to the conclusion that it’s the thought that out there on the trail, we are all sharing a common goal. We run, walk, and bike to help us take care of our bodies. It creates a sense of community among a group of total strangers.

If only we could keep that same mentality everywhere we went, I dont think there would be such an overwhelming number of people feeling lonely. Most of us (myself included) would often rather bury our heads in our electronic devices instead of saying hello to a stranger in passing.

I challenge all of us today to simply take the time to acknowledge a stranger. They may look at you weird, but they will know that someone noticed them.

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