Didn’t get to post yesterday as we were traveling all day. I finished the 8 week 10k training program last week and ironically, was unabke to get the final 6.2 mile run in. Go figure. Anyway, here’s a snapshot of the week.

Monday, August 3 – no run
Tuesday, August 4 – 4.01 miles at an 11:19 pace
Wednesday, August 5 – 5.01 miles at an 11:07 pace including a 5k PR of  32:19 (15 seconds better than my previous best)
Thursday, August  6 – 3.32 miles at a 10:51 pace
Friday, August 7 – no workout
Saturday, August 8 – 2.15 miles at a 10:11 pace
Sunday, August 9 – no workout

It was a weird week as far as weight loss goes. Monday is my official weight day, but I check my weight every morning. By Friday of last week I had dropped almost 6 pounds from Monday, but then a few pounds snuck back on over the weekend. So here’s the outcome from last week.

Starting weight – 298.8
Last week’s weight – 247.4
Current weight – 245.6
Difference – -1.8
Weight Loss To Date – 53.2 pounds

I’m not following a running program per se this week. I still want to grt 15-20 miles in this week. Next week I am going to begin a program designed to train for a half marathon. Am I crazy??

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