I thought I would take just a moment and share my life verse with you all today.

Philippians 3:10-11 speaks of knowing Christ, but it does so in a way that makes many uncomfortable. When we think of knowing Christ we undoubtedly think of just how amazing He is and how much He loves us. Those are all great things, but Paul tells us here that there is another level to knowing Christ.

The Power of His Resurrection
We all really like this aspect. It does our hearts good to know that one day, when our time on this planet ends, we will begin eternity in His presence. That is what the power of His resurrection does. It makes what is dead, alive again.

The Fellowship of Sharing in His Sufferings
Wait. What? Suddenly this doesn’t sound so fun. One of the great things about fellowship with anyone is that it involves sharing. We share our time, food, stories, and lives with each other, thus creating a stronger bond between us.

Fellowship with Jesus involves the same type of sharing. We love it when He shares grace, mercy, love, and power. We need to remember that suffering was a large part of Jesus’ life. He was not respected in His home town. After all, He was just the carpenter’s son. In fact it wasn’t until after His resurrection that His own brothers, most notably James, truly believed that He was Messiah.

It seems only natural that sharing in His sufferings would be part of truly knowing Jesus. However don’t be discouraged, 1 Peter 4:16 tells us to not be ashamed if we suffer for Christ. We are to praise God for the honor of wearing His name.

Becoming Like Him in His Death
Paul continues on with the suffering theme, but takes it all the way to death. Jesus’ suffering extended to the point of an agonizing death on the cross. While most of us will likely never experience this level of suffering, if we are ever faced with that choice, what will we do.

It’s not something to fear, because there lies an amazing promise at the end of verse 11.

To Attain the Resurrection from the Dead
Paul begins and ends these two verses with talk of resurrection. The grave couldn’t hold Jesus down and because of His victory over death, we have the hope of eternal life with Him IF we accept the relationship with Him that has been extended to us.

We no longer need a high priest to make atonement for us in the Holy of Holies. The veil was ripped in half. Access to God was made possible for all who believe by the death of Jesus.

That’s why I want to know Jesus. How about you?

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