Ok, this is an extremely hectic season of life for my family. We are moving to Maryland (temporarily) and will continue our job search from there. We have one very good prospect for a job, but we are waiting for them to go through their process with all candidates. Once we are hired on somewhere we will then move from Maryland to wherever God places us.

This week Beth and I are working on packing up our house and I have to say that my emotions are a bit more raw than I expected them to be. In the past 14 months, we have made some incredible friends at Northwood and saying goodbye to them this week is not going to be easy.

Having said all of that, I sat down for my quiet time after my run this morning in a somber mood. I started reading and it turned into Chris’ Wednesday morning praise break.  I started in Psalms 103.

All that I am, praise the Lord; everything in me, praise His holy name. My whole being praise the Lord and do not forget all His kindnesses. – Psalm 103:1-2

What an awesome reminder that I am to praise the Lord with all of my being. Wow! I’m feeling better already.

He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. He saves my life from the grave and loads me with love and mercy. He satisfies me with good things and makes me young again, like the eagle. – Psalm 103:3-5

Alright. I am about to shout now. Upon being reminded of my responsibility to praise, He then reminds me of all He has done for me.

I love how this particular translation says that He LOADS me with love and mercy. This puts a picture in my mind of someone being completely weighed down to the point of being overwhelmed. I can’t think of anything that I would rather be overwhelmed with than God’s love and mercy.

God wasn’t done with me though.

He has not punished us as our sins should be punished; He has not repaid us for the evil we have done. As high as the sky is above the earth, so great is His love for those who respect Him. He has taken our sins away from us as far as the east is from the west. The Lord has mercy on those who respect Him, as a father has mercy on his children. – Psalm 103:10-13

I am now officially out of my funk today. Because of my faith in Jesus, I don’t get what I deserve. Hallelujah! That’s incredible news.

Let me leave you with a song and maybe you can get your praise break on too.

Again I Say Rejoice

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