Over the past 14 months, Beth and I have made several new friends while serving at Northwood. These friends have been instrumental in helping us to get through this transitional phase in our lives.

Now as we prepare to make the next step in our journey we will leave these folks behind physically, but these people will always be close to us in our hearts. I could write about each one of these folks, but I want to say a huge thank you to one person in particular today.

The first interaction that I remember having with him was when I got a message telling us that someone had sponsored our girls’ AWANA registration for the 2014-2015 year. We were floored as we had only been at Northwood for about a month at this point.

Shortly thereafter, I began playing with the band at Northwood and this guy was part of their tech team. We would speak in passing, but not much more than that as I was still fairly guarded at that time.

Then Christmas at Northwood (CAN) happened. It never ceases to amaze me how well people bond in the days leading up to production. I guess it has something to do with spending 90% of our free time in rehearsal and performance. That’s where we started to connect even more.

The moment when I knew I had found a real friend was the morning of April 11 when Beth was in surgery. He took time out of his work day at MUSC to spend about an hour with me as I anxiously waited the outcome of the surgery. I can’t explain what that meant to me.

When Beth got home from the hospital I began running again. This guy started to take notice when my runs were posted more consistently. I was floored and a little bit scared when he invited me to join him on a run. Keep in mind he has run multiple half marathons and at the time, I was struggling to get 3 miles in.

He ran with me, encouraging and pushing me all the way. He has held me accountable to keep at it and has encouraged me when I’ve hit milestones. We will run together one more time tomorrow and the goal is (gulp) 8 miles. I hope to join him in October for the Baltimore half marathon, but we will have to see where God has us at that point.

To get to the point, thank you, David Geddings, aka Doombuggy Runner, for the encouragement, accountability, and most of all, the friendship. I’m gonna miss ya, man!