1 Corinthians 13:12 ESV ‘For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.’

This is a rather well known verse from what we call ‘The Love Chapter’ of the Bible. We may not immediately see the connection between this verse and love, but hopefully, after the next couple of blog entries, it may be a little bit clearer.

Often, this verse is used to give us an encouraging reminder about that day when we will finally see our Saviour face to face. It definitely is that, but I think there’s a lesson to be gathered here that will impact how we worship here on earth. Therein lies the beginning of this verse’s connection to love. After all, we worship what we love.

Throughout scripture there is one constant any time that we are given a glimpse inside the gates of Heaven: worship.


Isaiah 6 is a beautiful look into Heaven from the Old Testament, but there is probably not a more complete picture of God’s throne room than the one given in Revelation 4-5. In both of these instances, we see worship perpetually happening around the throne. It seems obvious to me that when we reach our eternal home, we are going to be spending our time worshipping God.

We know that spending time in worship invites God’s presence into our lives. The first thing about worship that brings God into a clearer focus for us is that to truly engage in worship, we must take our own focus off of ourselves.

If our thoughts and actions are centered around ‘I’ it becomes impossible to engage in worship. Worshipping and exalting the King of kings requires us to stop worrying about ourselves and focus on the greatness of our God.  It’s like the words to the old song:

Just forget about yourself
Concentrate on Him
And worship Him

Such profound truth in a simple lyric.

To wrap up this point, let me share something that happened to me just this morning.

I was out for my morning run and my body was rebelling. I didn’t want to log the scheduled miles. My legs ached, my breathing was labored, and to be quite honest, I was tired. Every step was work. Here I was, ‘beating my body into submission,’ and every thought was on making myself more comfortable in the moment by packing it in. Suddenly, a song came on my playlist. The song was ‘The King Is Among Us’ by Elevation Worship. As the bridge to the song began, I found myself crying as I ran. God’s presence had met me on the trail and His arms wrapped around me in such a tangible way that I’m not sure how to describe it. Needless to say, my focus had shifted from woe is me to how awesome is He. That’s when worship begins.

The lyric to the bridge says:

The King is among us
His glory surrounds us
His fire is falling as we sing
The Saviour is for us
His love is victorious
Revival is rising as we sing

I’ll leave you with the link to the song. I hope it allows you to spend some time in God’s presence the way it did me this morning.

The King Is Among Us