Waiting. It’s something that we all enjoy, right? Seriously, is there anything more frustrating than arriving at a doctor’s office before your scheduled appointment only to find yourself still sitting there an hour later? We’ve all experienced this to some degrees and most of the time we just hope that there is a decent (and recent) magazine in the rack.

Sometimes there are life lessons that need to be learned and the only way they can be learned is if we slow down. In today’s fast paced society, slowing down is often viewed as unrealistic and impossible. That is, until God slows us down. Then we find ourselves in the place that we typically do not like to be: God’s Waiting Room.


This is where I have found myself since June of last year. It has been a much longer stay than I ever thought it would be and to be honest I’m not sure when I will get called out of the waiting room. It could be in a couple of days or weeks, or it could be longer. I have to trust that God won’t let me out until He has fully prepared me for what is next.

This post is not about how I found myself here or even about the events that have transpired as I have been waiting. I wanted to share a few things that I have learned while sitting here in the waiting room.

1. Wounds must be allowed to heal.

I entered the waiting room deeply wounded. As much as I love what I am called to do, diving right back into it on the heels of being wounded would have been detrimental to me, my family, and those I was attempting to serve. Healing had to happen. Now that time has passed, healing has occurred and I am anxious to dive back in when God opens the door.

2. There is no ‘early release’ plan.

No matter what you do, you aren’t getting out of the waiting room until God releases you. You can take new jobs, relocate, or do anything to change your circumstances, but that doesn’t get you out of the waiting room. It’s better to find God’s purpose for having you there than it is to attempt an escape.

3. Time in God’s Word is like oxygen.

My quiet time and prayer life wasn’t in a bad place, but it wasn’t where it should have been 15 months ago. Over time, I have grown to greatly appreciate every minute that I can spend in the Word. Journaling has become an important addition to my quiet time. Not only does it allow me to write down what God shows me in His Word, but it allows me to chronicle answered prayers and prayer needs alike. I genuinely don’t feel like my day has started until I’ve had that time with God.

I could write so many more things that I’ve learned these past 15 months, but I will stop here. I believe that learning these three lessons will help you to start working through the waiting room process. I can’t promise that they will get you out of it. After all, I’m still there. However, these will help to make the process even more meaningful.

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