This morning at church, we were able to partake of communion. This is one of my favorite parts of worship as we commemorate the sacrifice made by Jesus some 2,000 years ago.


As we were partaking this morning the pastor said something that will forever change how I look at communion. He didn’t say anything that changed what communion represents, but he said something that connects the sacrifice of Christ with salvation. I know that’s an obvious connection, but just hear me out.

When we take communion, we are taking something that is external (the bread and the cup) and internalizing them (literally). Not only is this representative of the body and blood of Christ, but it is also representative of the salvation experience.

You see, there is nothing inside of us that makes us worthy of God’s forgiveness. It takes something outside of us, Jesus, to give us access to salvation. Just as we put the bread and the juice/wine inside of us, we have to accept Christ’s gift and allow Him into our lives.

Communion will always be one of the most special times in worship. Thank you, Pastor Steve Hall for sharing this insight this morning that made it even more special for me.