This was a strange week for me. I didn’t plan on such a light week of training, but between some travel and a little bit of fatigue, I only managed two runs for a whopping 7 miles. Not too good.

However, one breakthrough still occurred with my running pace. I kept my average pace in the 9’s.


This is a big deal for me. Six months ago when I started this journey, I couldn’t get a pace under twelve minutes. This morning it hit me that I am actually really starting to enjoy running. I never thought that would happen.  After five days away from running, it felt so good to get out there on the trail this morning.  Now for the results.

Starting Weight – 298.8
Last Week’s Weight – 220
Current Weight – 220.4
Change – +.4
Weight Loss to Date – 78.4

Not a good result, but I know these last 20 pounds may be tougher than the first 78. I am starting to pay more attention to my macros. In doing so I have discovered that I eat a lot of carbs. For a meat and potatoes guy like me, it is going to be hard to change, but I suspect some adjustments are going to be necessary. I am open to any tips some of you may have for getting through this barrier, so feel free to comment away.