Another week is in the books. From a food standpoint, it was a good week. It was an up and down training week that left me around 5 miles short of my 30 mile goal for the week. The week started great, but Friday I had to cut my planned 6 mile run short due to a combination of leg fatigue and difficulty getting my breathing into a comfortable rhythm. The same thing happened again on Saturday. Normally, I push through leg fatigue but breathing is something that I have not yet figured out how to regulate when it gets as far out of whack as it did this weekend. Any tips from you runners out there would be greatly appreciated.

Monday – 5.02 miles in 44:50 for a pace of 8:55.  I set a pair of PRs today.



Tuesday – 6.01 miles in 55:12 for a pace of 9:11.
Wednesday – 5.01 miles in 45:44 for a pace of 9:07.
Thursday – no workout
Friday – 3.44 miles in 32:28 for a pace of 9:26.
Saturday -6.02 miles in 59:30 for a pace of 9:52.
Sunday – no workout

Now for the weight loss update.

Starting Weight – 298.8
Last Week’s Weight – 217.6
Current Weight – 216
Change – down 1.6
Pounds to reach goal weight – 16