Other than Christmas, this may be the most dreaded week for those of us who are attempting to lose weight. I had very low expectations for this week. If you know me, you know that there are not many vegetables that I like. I am very much a meat and potatoes guy and the amount of carbs on a Thanksgiving table are my worst struggle.

I managed to keep my training pretty solid including a Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot. I did not get my Saturday long run in as I woke with a very stiff ankle and chose to rest it for the day.

On to the past week.

Monday – 4.01 miles in 33:27 for a pace of 8:22
Tuesday – 5.01 miles in 43:21 for a pace of 8:39
Wednesday – 4.03 miles in 36:31 for a pace of 9:03
Thursday – 3.17 miles in 25:12 for a pace of 7:57 (Turkey Trot)
Friday – 5.00 miles in 42:20 for a pace of 8:28
Saturday – rest day (ankle)
Sunday – rest day

Now for the weight loss update.

Starting Weight – 298.8
Last Week’s Weight – 217.2
Current Weight – 213.4
Change – down 3.8
Weight Loss To Date – 85.4
Pounds to reach goal weight – 13.4

I lost 3.8 pounds during Thanksgiving week!!