I absolutely love it when I go to church and get challenged by God’s Word. Don’t get me wrong. I love worshipping through song and I love fellowship with others, but sometimes I want to be pushed and challenged by God.

This morning, our youth pastor brought such a message. The challenge was that so often we approach God in the same way that kids approach Santa Claus. We only talk to Him when we want something from Him. Think about it. Social media even helps to perpetuate this thinking. How many times a day do you see a ‘share and like if you want God to bless you’ meme pop up on Facebook? I always fight the urge to respond with this.


The challenge of the message was simple but hard hitting. Do I desire God’s presence in my life or am I simply looking for God’s presents.


The point was driven home in worship as well. We sang this incredible song written by Israel Houghton and Micah Massey before the message began.

How were you challenged today?

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