Week 2 of 2016 featured the end of a peak cycle and the beginning of a reset.  (If you’re interested in my training cycle, say something in the comments and I can reply there as that info may bore some readers.) That said, I still put in over 30 miles during this stretch and finished with back to back runs at paces of 8:00 and 7:58 respectively.

On the weight loss side of things I am pretty irritated to have gained 0.6 pounds. I know that the final 10 pounds are the hardest to lose, but this is getting ridiculous. Does anyone have any tips for getting over that last hurdle?

The week also featured my first nagging issue. My right achilles became really tight during the weekend and even after a rest day on Sunday it took between .5 and .75 miles for it to loosen up where I could run comfortably on Monday. Tuesday was better and it was pretty much a non factor by Wednesday. I don’t know for sure, but I am attributing it to the number of miles I logged last week. It is definitely something I am going to watch closely. I am also going to ask about it on Saturday when I go to a free injury prevention screening at the local running store here in town.


The weather definitely turned cold this week as on Wednesday I ran with a wind chill of 1. I definitely feel comfortable calling myself a runner now that I am willing to get my workouts in whether it’s raining or frigid. Here’s the rundown for week 2.

Friday, January 8 – 6.24 miles in 53:09 for a pace of 8:31. Location: Wakefield Valley Trail. Temp: 36 degrees, humidity 91% and foggy.


Saturday, January 9 – 13.51 miles in 2:05:36 for a pace of 9:18. Location: Westminster, MD. Temp: 43 degrees. Humidity: 86% and foggy. Slower pace than I wanted. Attributed to fatigue as discussed in a blog earlier this week.


Sunday, January 10 – Rest day. Much needed.

Monday, January 11 – 4.02 miles in 33:41 for a pace of 8:22. Location: Wakefield Valley Trail. Temp: 23 degrees, 56% humidity and clear.

After a peak week last week (40 miles from Tuesday – Saturday), I reset to begin building back up. I will still log roughly 25 miles between now and Saturday. Considering where I was in April, it’s crazy to think of a 25 mile week as a recovery week.


Tuesday, January 12 – 4.4 miles in 35:15 for a pace of 8:00. Location: Wakefield Valley Trail. Temp: 26 degrees, 69% humidity, overcast with a little wind.


Still dealing with some tightness in my right achilles, but the anti-inflammatory is definitely helping. Seems to take about .5 miles to really loosen up. Today, it only seemed to affect me when turning right. Thriled with my pace especially with mile 1 being 8:39.

Wednesday, January 13 – 4.84 miles in 38:36 for a pace of 7:58. Location: Wakefield Valley Trail. Temp: 16 degrees (wind chill of 1 when I finished), humidity 62%, clear and windy.


Thursday, January 14 – Scheduled Rest Day

Weekly Miles – 33.01
January Miles – 70.95
YTD Miles – 70.95
On pace for – 1,844.7
Miles to goal – 1,359.05

January – 70.95 miles; 8:37 pace (10 seconds behind December)

Mile – 7:10 on 12/14/2015
5k – 24:05 on 12/11/2015
10k – 51:38 on 1/6/2016
Half marathon – 1:53:35 on 12/12/2015

5k – 25:13.8 on 11/26/2015 (YMCA of Central Maryland Turkey Trot – Westminster, MD)

Weight Loss
Starting Weight – 298.4
Last Week’s Weight – 207.6
Current Weight – 208.2
Change – up 0.6
Weight Loss To Date – 90.2
Pounds to Goal Weight – 8.2