I’ve often heard it said that when we take something to the Lord in prayer, we are to leave that thing on the altar and not pick it back up when our prayer ends. I agree wholeheartedly. The question to me is this: what defines picking it back up?

This question was reignited in my mind earlier this week and I have been wrestling with it for a few days prior to writing this as I did not want to write a reactionary blog. I heard a well known pastor say that when we don’t leave our burden with God that we have stopped praying about it and begun complaining.

At first, I was very taken back. This isn’t uncommen when listening to this particular guy as he has a track record of saying things that come off as brash or hard, but that is not relevant to this discussion. Was he suggesting that if I keep praying about the same things that I’m actually complaining and NOT praying? I surely hope not.


For me, leaving a burden with the Lord in prayer does not mean that I won’t continue to pray about it. What it does mean is that I find my prayers shifting away from the outcome that I desire towards the outcome that He desires. You see, you cannot pray that way until you fully place it in God’s hands and trust that His plan is far greater than your desire can ever be.

What are your thoughts?