What a crazy week. We saw 34 inches of snow fall here and amazingly, I still got my runs in. Of course I did shift my normal Saturday long run to last Thursday so those miles ended up on last week’s log. I grew up here and always loved the snow. Now I just want it to go away and not come back. Our kids have been out of school all week and I think we are all just a little bit stir crazy right now.

It was a good week of running even though I lost my normal running spot to the blizzard. I’m not a fan of running on the roads, but until the snow is cleared from the trail I will just have to suck it up. I did gain a little weight this week, but considering the huge number (7 pounds) that I lost last week and being snowed in for 2 days, I’m not horribly surprised and I’m not concerned about it. It will come off.

Here’s a snapshot of my week.

Friday – 4.49 miles in 36:10 for a pace of 8:03


Saturday – no run due to blizzard. Here is our current situation.


Sunday – rest

Monday – 4.84 miles in 42:23 for a pace of 8:45. Slow going, but sure footing was more important than speed.


Tuesday – 5.48 miles in 46:16 for a pace of 8:26.


Wednesday – 5.86 miles in 50:35 for a pace of 8:38. Rolling hills galore on this out and back run.


Thursday – Scheduled rest day, however, our local running store was holding their monthly pub run. I don’t drink, but thoroughly enjoyed running with a group of 30 or so runners. The size of the group and the single lane sidewalks made for slower going than I normally run, but for someone who pounds the pavement solo 5x per week, it was a welcome change. We did a slow 1.58 miles at a 9:58 pace.


Weekly Miles – 22.25
January Miles – 129.82
YTD Miles – 129.82
On pace for – 1,687.66
Miles to goal – 1,300.18

January – 129.82 miles; 8:29 pace (2 seconds behind December)

1 mile – 7:09 on 1/20/2016
5k – 23:17 on 1/15/2016 (2016 running goal was 23:30)
10k – 50:17 on 1/16/2016
Half marathon – 1:53:35 on 12/12/2015

5k – 25:13.8 on 11/26/2015 (YMCA of Central Maryland Turkey Trot – Westminster, MD)

Weight Loss
Starting Weight – 298.4
Last Week’s Weight – 201.2
Current Weight – 203.4
Change – up 2.2
Weight Loss To Date – 95
Pounds to Goal Weight – 3.4