This was simply a weird week for me. Cold temps and winter weather joined forces with a body that just hasn’t felt the best to make it tough sledding. I still got my workouts in, although Thursday was shortened due to a migraine and nausea.  Mind over matter isn’t always easy.

Friday – 5.85 miles in 46:47 for a pace of 8:00. Location: Finksburg, MD. Temp: 20 degrees, Wind Chill: 20, Humidity: 83%, and partly cloudy.

It was an eventful speed workout. I went out way too fast. Mile 1 was 7:44 and mile 2 was 7:39. Keep in mind that my speed workouts involve a quarter mile burst at the top of each mile. That means I ran mile 1 in 7:44 with no burst. Then at the 2.25 mile mark, I slipped and fell on the ice which led to me walking for about a minute to get away from the ice. I never walk unless it’s my weekend long run. All that considered, I am thrilled that my finishing pace on this run was 8:00.


Saturday – 9.01 miles in 1:19:19 for a pace of 8:48. Location: Finksburg, MD. Temp: 18 degrees, wind chill: 5, humidity: 61%, and partly cloudy. Wind was listed at 10mph, but was gusting around 15 at times.

This may be the hardest run that I’ve done to date. The 4.5 miles out were straight into a headwind. It was so tough. While that means the 4.5 back were with a tailwind, unfortunately, the 4.5 out beat me up so bad that I couldn’t take full advantage of the tailwind. It definitely became more about finishing than hitting any kind of pace. Mission accomplished.


Sunday – Scheduled rest day

Monday – 6.52 miles in 52:03 for a pace of 7:59. Location: Finksburg, MD. Temp: 19, Wind Chill: 7, Humidity: 98%, and cloudy.

This was one of those days where I had to mind over matter just to get out there to run. With another winter event bearing down on us, I knew I had to get out there as conditions tomorrow (ice) may make it impossible to run.


Tuesday – 7.07 miles in 59:05 for a pace of 8:21. Location: Finksburg, MD. Temp: 43, Wind Chill: 36, Humidity: 73%, Winds: 19 mph, and sunny.

I forgot how much I don’t like running later in the day, but freezing rain in the morning made the roads unsafe. I did get to enjoy warmer temps despite the strong winds so that was a plus.


Wednesday – Scheduled rest day

Thursday – 4.22 miles in 33:54 for a pace of 8:02. Temp: 28, Wind Chill: 18, Humidity: 52%, and sunny.

Weekly Miles – 32.67
February Miles – 85.12
YTD Miles – 231.8
On pace for – 1,721.94286
Miles to goal – 1,198.2

January – 146.68 miles; 8:30 pace (3 seconds behind December)
February – 85.12 miles; 8:19 pace (11 seconds ahead of January)

1 mile – 7:09 on 1/20/2016
5k – 23:17 on 1/15/2016  (2016 running goal was 23:30)
10k – 49:13 on 2/4/2016 (2016 running goal was 50:00)
Half Marathon – 1:51:10 on 2/6/2016 (2016 running goal was 1:52:00)

5k – 25:13.8 on 11/26/2015 (YMCA of Central Maryland Turkey Trot – Westminster, MD)

Weight Loss
Starting Weight – 298.4
Last Week’s Weight – 205.2
Current Weight – 206.2
Change – up 1
Weight Loss To Date – 92.2
Pounds to Goal Weight – 6.2