I very seldom blog about politics. I don’t particularly like to deal with what can often become heated and intense debate on my blog. While this blog does involve politics, it is more a reflection of character traits that I saw on display tonight from one man. I could also delve into a lack of some of these traits on display from another presidential candidate tonight, but I will resist that urge.

As results came in tonight from the South Carolina Republican primary, Jeb Bush came to the podium to address his supporters.  He delivered a speech that showed a true love for this country, but also a humility to accept the voice of the voters as he announced the suspension of his presidential bid.

I will go so far as to tell you, that while I am a Republican, Jeb was not my choice to win the nomination for president. I have my reasons, but those aren’t that important.  Despite my own preference of candidates, there are three things that I never thought that Governor Bush lacked: honor, class, and patriotism.

Regardless of your opinion of the politics of George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, or Jeb Bush, I would challenge you to say that any of these three men lacked the traits that I just listed.  The Bush family has a history of serving this country with dignity and grace.  You can disagree with their policies, but you can not argue that they were not acting in what they felt was the best interest of the country. Have these men made mistakes in office? Of course they have. No public servant has ever made it through their term without making mistakes. What these men have done is serve to the best of their abilities.


Jeb’s speech tonight showed one more thing that we don’t often see from politicians: humility. I truly wish that our elected officials would remember that they work for us and not the other way around.  Too often, political power becomes so intoxicating that elected officials become willing to turn their backs on their constituents if they think for a moment that it will help them politically.

Whatever side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, look for the candidate that runs their campaign with honor and class. Also look for the one that you truly believe wants the best for this country. America is a great country. It can continue to be great. Vote!