This is posting a day late. It has not been a good week. The crud hit our family hard and it took it’s toll on everyone. It also took it’s toll on my training.

Friday – 4.1 miles on the Wakefield Trail in 32:30 for a pace of 7:55. Temp: 30, Wind Chill: 19, Wind 13mph, Humidity: 83%, and Cloudy. With only 12.5 hours recovery from last night’s Run Moore Pub Run, I was pleasantly surprised with my pace, but definitely felt it at the end of this run. Ready for 13.5 tomorrow!

February 26

Saturday – 6.00 miles on the Wakefield Trail in 48:20 for a pace of 8:03. Temp: 28, Wind Chill: 21, Humidity: 71%, Wind: 6mph, and sunny. I overslept so there was not going to be time for 13.5. However, I should have been able to get at least 9 in.  My body seriously rebelled and 6 was pretty much all I had in me today.  Rather than get mad at myself, I choose to celebrate that on a day where my body was obviously tired, I got 6 miles in at a very solid pace.  A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to get 1 mile in on a day where my body felt like this.

February 27

Sunday – Scheduled rest day. However, it was absolutely beautiful outside so I invited my 10 year old daughter, Carrie to join me for a short jog on the trail.  I intended to use the Galloway method with her to ease her into it.  Unfortunately after about 1/3 of a mile, her asthma started acting up, so we ended up walking the rest of the way.  Either way, it was a great afternoon with my oldest. We did 1.05 miles in 20:17 for a pace of 19:13. As I posted in my 1,000 mile FB group, family is more important than pace!


February 28

Monday – 4.51 miles in 36:19 for a pace of 8:03 on the Wakefield Trail. Temp: 50, Wind Chill: 50, Humidity 77%, Wind: 12mph, and showers.  Today’s run almost didn’t happen.  The crud is working its way through our house and I haven’t been feeling the best.  I only got about 3.5 hours of sleep Sunday night and took Nyquill around 2am to try to get to sleep. Needless to say, getting up was not easy.  Nevertheless, I got up and got it done.

February 29

Tuesday – No Workout. I spent the day in bed sick. I would have much rather been out running.

Wednesday – Today was supposed to be my rest day, but given my being sick yesterday, I decided to gut it out and see what I had in the tank. I ran 4.65 miles on the Wakefield Trail in 40:39 for a pace of 8:45. Everything just felt off, but I got the work in. Temp: 39, Wind Chill: 28, Humidity: 81%, Wind: 23 mph, and mostly cloudy.

Thursday -1.26 miles on the Wakefield Trail in 10:47 for a pace of 8:32. Cut this run short as my gloves were failing me and my fingers felt as though they had knives cutting through them.  Better to cut it short than to get frostbite.

Weekly Miles – 21.57
February Miles – 136.17                                                                                                                March Miles – 5.91
YTD Miles – 288.71
On pace for – 1,668.10222
Miles to goal – 1,141.29

  • January – 146.68 miles; 8:30 pace (3 seconds behind December)
  • February – 136.17; 8:20 pace (10 seconds ahead of January)
  • March – 5.91 miles; 8:48 pace (28 seconds behind February)

1 mile – 7:09 on 1/20/2016
5k – 23:17 on 1/15/2016  (2016 running goal was 23:30)
10k – 48:52 on 2/19/2016 (2016 running goal was 50:00)
Half Marathon – 1:51:10 on 2/6/2016 (2016 running goal was 1:52:00)

5k – 25:13.8 on 11/26/2015 (YMCA of Central Maryland Turkey Trot – Westminster, MD)

Weight Loss
Starting Weight – 298.4
Last Week’s Weight – 205.2
Current Weight – 207.8
Change – up 2.6
Weight Loss To Date – 90.6
Pounds to Goal Weight – 7.8