Yet another abnormal week of running is in the books. This week was abnormal in that Saturday’s normal long run was replaced with a 5K race and Thursday’s planned mileage was cut in half due to an unforeseen schedule change in the morning. It was also a weird week in that most of Tuesday-Thursday was spent dealing with a migraine. I’ll be honest, I don’t eat well when I don’t feel well. Consequently the see-saw weight progress continued as I gained 2.6 this week. If all holds as it is planned now, this coming week should be more normal as I will be able to get in y first actual long run in 3 weeks. Right now, I’m going to have to bust it to hit 100 miles this month.  Here’s the recap of the week.

Friday – 5.03 miles on the Wakefield Trail at a pace of 8:42. Temp: 55, Wind Chill: 55, Humidity: 94%, and drizzle. I intentionally backed off the pace today as I have a 5K tomorrow that I want to go all out on. My goal for the race is to be sub 25 minutes and to finish in the top 20% of the field. As of today, the race was approaching 900 runners and the course does have a couple of hills on it. Not sure if sub 25 is doable given the hills, but I sure am going to go all out after it.

Saturday – Today was the Celtic Canter 5K in downtown Westminster, MD. I had a great time running the race and also saw some friends from growing up. The warm weather decided to go away just in time for the race and it was a chilly 46 at race time. I ran the 3.11 miles in 23:14 for a 7:28 pace. I’m waiting on official results to post and I’ll put those in my race review blog. I know that it is an official (race) PR either way, and depending on the chip time, it may be an overall PR for me too. It’s close.

Sunday -Rest Day

Monday -5.45 miles in 48:01 for a pace of 8:49. It was cool and drizzly on the Wakefield Trail and I intentionally didn’t go hard for this run. It was still a nice solid run. My legs surprisingly were still feeling somewhat fatigued, I’m guessing from the pace I ran in Saturday’s race.

March 14

Tuesday – I kept to the streets around the house this morning and ran 6 miles in 51:12 for a pace of 8:32. The legs felt a lot better today.

March 15

Wednesday -Unscheduled rest day (migraine)

Thursday -2.74 miles in 23:29 for a pace of 8:34. This was supposed to be a 6.5 miler, but an unexpected morning schedule change forced me to cut it short. I had planned on getting 4 miles in after work, but my family wanted to eat out and with it being the first day of March Madness, what better way to celebrate than enjoying some Buffalo Wild Wings with my gorgeous wife and our beautiful girls.

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Weekly Miles – 22.33                                                                                                                      March Miles – 44.49
YTD Miles – 327.29
On pace for – 1,547.18909
Miles to goal – 1,102.71

  • January – 146.68 miles; 8:30 pace (3 seconds behind December)
  • February – 136.17; 8:20 pace (10 seconds ahead of January)
  • March – 44.49 miles; 8:34 pace (14 seconds behind February)

1 mile – 7:09 on 1/20/2016
5k – 23:14 on 3/12/2016  (2016 running goal was 23:30)
10k – 48:52 on 2/19/2016 (2016 running goal was 50:00)
Half Marathon – 1:51:10 on 2/6/2016 (2016 running goal was 1:52:00)

5k – 23:29.880 on 3/12/2016 (Celtic Canter 5K – Westminster, MD)

2016 Races Completed

  • Celtic Canter 5K (Westminster, MD) 3/12 -23:29.880 (36th overall, 8th in age division)

Weight Loss
Starting Weight – 298.4
Last Week’s Weight – 205.8
Current Weight – 208.4
Change – up 2.6
Weight Loss To Date – 90
Pounds to Goal Weight – 8.4