During my recent unemployment stretch, I think that to an extent I began to take for granted how important spending quality time with Beth was. I mean, we were together pretty much 24/7. Trust me, I loved that aspect of it, but it also made me kind of forget what it was like to go on a date. Sure we did some things together periodically, but with very limited financial resources, it isn’t like we were doing much dating so to speak.

Fortunately, I have found a job here in Maryland. It isn’t in ministry. It isn’t glamorous at all, but it IS a job, and for that I am most thankful.  Along with starting this job, I have suddenly been reminded of what it is like to not be around Beth all of the time. I find myself missing her while I’m at work. I can’t wait to get home and see her, hug her, and kiss her.  Before you stop reading, this is not a sappy romance blog, nor is it a pat Chris on the back for how good he treats his wife blog. I hope that this will encourage those of you who are married to make sure that you are taking the time to date your spouse.  Marriage is difficult and it is very easy to get sucked into the daily routine of fulfilling obligations, sleeping, and starting all over the next day. When we allow ourselves to fall into that rut, we open up the dangerous door to letting the spark go out.

Last Friday, I spent the day on a date with the love of my life. Not only do I love spending time with her, but I love reminding her just how special she is to me.  Here’s what we did.

The day started with me taking her to Alter Image for some pampering from Valerie. She got her hair done, and Valerie even cleaned me up a bit for our date day.

We left there and headed for lunch. When we go out, we are pretty spontaneous about where we eat. We decided to head to a barbecue place in Westminster, but changed our plans when we realized that I had no change to pay the parking meters in town. We left Westminster and headed towards Hanover, PA and decided we’d find a lunch spot on the way. We settled on Dutch Country Restaurant where I had the most interesting version of chicken and waffles I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t fried chicken on a waffle smothered with honey. Instead, it was a huge Belgian waffle smothered in homemade chicken gravy with huge chunks of chicken in the gravy. It was very good even if it wasn’t what I was expecting. Besides who can complain when you are sitting across from the love of your life?

The next stop after lunch was to catch the movie Allegiant. It was opening day for the movie so we bought tickets early and decided to browse through Kohl’s while waiting for show time. I enjoyed this because I learned that I could comfortably wear a size 36×32 slim fit khakis. Last April I was wearing a 44×32 and there was nothing slim about me.


We left Kohl’s and made our way to the movie. Beth and I have both read all of the Divergent series and have really enjoyed the theatrical releases to this point. We have very much enjoyed how the movies have stayed close to the books. We thoroughly enjoyed Allegiant, but for the first time the movie really deviated from the book.  I am very curious to see how they finish the story in the final film.


The day ended with dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. This has always been one of our favorite steakhouses and we once again had a wonderful meal that was made even better when the manager gave us a complimentary pretzel stick appetizer as soon as we sat down. Score!!


I can’t leave out one of my favorite parts of date day. When we are in the car we love to listen to music and sing along as loud as we want. We listen to everything from broadway (ususally either Wicked, Les Mis, Phantom, or Hamilton), country, pop, rock, and praise and worship. Beth’s love of a variety of music is just another thing that makes her so perfect for me.

Now to the real point. As I said earlier, this isn’t about me trying to get a pat on the back and it isn’t about trying to make the reader gag as I share sentiment. This is about encouraging you to not let the spark in your marriage ever die. Find things that you and your spouse love to do together and get out there and do them. Take time to talk and listen to each other. In reality, take time to simply be together. You’ll be amazed at how it will help your relationship.

Can’t wait for our next date……it’s Friday!