Friday – 5.52 miles on the Wakefield Trail in 47:08 for a pace of 8:32. It felt great to get the training week off to a normal start and sometimes, when you get up before the sun to go for a run, you need just a little bit of a pick me up. And yes, I know I need a hat to run in. That hair is off the charts crazy this morning.

Saturday – 8.00 miles in 1:11:14 for a pace of 8:54. It was my first long run in 3 weeks so the pace was a bit off, but it still felt really good to stretch it out a bit.  I ran through downtown Westminster today. I run past this little park as part of my route and after my run I decided to go back by there and see it up close.  It is a memorial park for the county residents that fought and died in Vietnam. I also found a memorial to some men who fought in the Civil War as well. It was a somber reminder to never forget the sacrifice of those men and women who have given so much so that we can live in this great land of freedom.

Sunday – I just about never run on Sunday, but my legs really felt as though they wanted to stretch out, so I went for a quick run. I ran 3.0 miles in 24:09 for a pace of 8:03

Monday – Got the week off to a great start on the Wakefield Trail. I veered off the trail and ran up Tahoma Falls Road to Uniontown Road and followed it down to my parking spot at the trail head. Serious hill work. 6.09 miles in 51:38 for a pace of 8:29.

Tuesday – 6.59 miles on the Wakefield Trail in 57:21 for a pace of 8:42. Decided to take before and after selfies. It’s amazing what running for an hour in the wind will do to your hair. Also, I thought the sign in the before selfie made for some cheesy humor. I did clean up after myself.

Wednesday – Rest Day, Schmest Day. I woke up wanting to get a run in before work so I did. I ran 3.0 miles in 26:00 for a pace of 8:40.

Thursday – 3.0 miles in 25:31 for a pace of 8:30. I should have observed my rest day yesterday. I was scheduled to run 7.25 and 3 was all I could do. The moral is to not try to be a Superman! Let your body recover. Running on both of my rest days this week was not a good move.

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Weekly Miles – 35.2                                                                                                                               March Miles – 79.69
YTD Miles – 362.49
On pace for – 1,570.79
Miles to goal – 1,067.51

  • January – 146.68 miles; 8:30 pace (3 seconds behind December)
  • February – 136.17; 8:20 pace (10 seconds ahead of January)
  • March – 79.69 miles; 8:36 pace (16 seconds behind February)

1 mile – 7:09 on 1/20/2016
5k – 23:14 on 3/12/2016  (2016 running goal was 23:30)
10k – 48:52 on 2/19/2016 (2016 running goal was 50:00)
Half Marathon – 1:51:10 on 2/6/2016 (2016 running goal was 1:52:00)

5k – 23:29.880 on 3/12/2016 (Celtic Canter 5K – Westminster, MD)

2016 Races Completed

  • Celtic Canter 5K (Westminster, MD) 3/12 -23:29.880 (36th overall, 8th in age division)

Weight Loss
Starting Weight – 298.4
Last Week’s Weight – 208.4
Current Weight – 206.0
Change – Down 2.4
Weight Loss To Date – 92.4
Pounds to Goal Weight – 6.0