Well, week two of 2017 certainly was interesting to say the least. We woke up Sunday morning still snowed and iced in from the storm that hit us Friday night. The Y was going to be closed and to be honest, the roads weren’t safe to drive on so there was no workout Sunday and a slippery 2 mile walk in the neighborhood on Monday. Despite the early setbacks of the week, I was still able to log just over 30 miles this week so I will call this week a definite win!

Sunday, January 8 – Rest Day (snow and ice)

Monday, January 9 – 2.05 mile walk through an icy neighborhood.

Tuesday, January 10 – 3.4 mile hill Work on the treadmill at the YMCA.

Wednesday, January 11 – 4.21 on the treadmill at the YMCA (please let the ice clear soon!!!)

Thursday, January 12 – 5.39 miles at Mount Trashmore. It felt so good to get back outside!!

Friday, January 13 – 6.05 miles around the neighborhood. Temps were in the upper 50’s and it was perfect running weather.

Saturday, January 14 – 11 miles before the sun came up. The pace (10:19) wasn’t great, but it’s done!

My weight at the end of the week was 239.8 (down 1.4)

WTD – 30.10

MTD – 60.30

YTD – 60.30

Miles to Goal – 1,439.70