What a week! I logged my highest weekly mileage in a pretty long while and I began a strength training program at the Y. I had a surprisingly large weight loss number on the scale, yay!! I feel like I am starting to get my eating habits reigned back in.

Having said that, let me ask a question. What is your biggest struggle on the nutrition side of things? For me, it is late night snacking. At times I have set an alarm on my phone to remind me that I should not eat after that alarm goes off. Why is it so hard to not grab some chips or popcorn or ice cream late at night? Do you have any tips that help you beat that craving?

On to the training!

Sunday, January 15 – Rest Day. Hopefully this week will allow me to get back into my normal schedule.

Monday, January 16 – 5 miles around the neighborhood today at a 9:15 pace. Hit the mileage with no walk breaks so I definitely feel like I’m starting to get my endurance back. Also made it back to the gym and did some chest/back work. This needs to be a regular part of my routine.

Tuesday, January 17 – I met up with the Running Turtles at Mount Trashmore and got in a solid 5.2 miles at a 9:11 pace. It was also leg day at the gym. Leg day after running 5 miles is absolutely no fun.

Wednesday, January 18 – Horrible day today. Hill workout the day after leg day is not a good idea and I’m going to have to tweak that. I managed a whopping 1.16 miles on the hamster wheel before the legs won out.

Thursday, January 19 – Met up with the Running Turtles at Mount Trashmore and got in 5.24 miles at a 9:18 pace. Today’s run also included a wipeout right into a mud puddle at about the 4 mile mark of my run. That was awesome!!

I decided to sign up for the Fit Quest program at the Y so I went in for my initial evaluation tonight. The first thing they did was put me on the hamster wheel so I got another 1.5 miles in along wth some miscellaneous strength training for my evaluation.

Friday, January 20 – 4.1 mile run at a 9:16 pace, followed by my first Fit Quest workout. It feels so good to have a game plan in place to try to get off of this plateau.

For reference, here is my Fit Quest Day 1 pic. I’ll post comparisons as I go through this process.

Saturday, January 21 – Long run Saturday! 12.1 miles at a 10:09 pace. For my long runs I am currently using the Galloway Running method and am using a :90/:30 run/walk ratio. I feel much stronger at the end of these long runs when I use this.

WTD – 34.30

MTD – 94.60

YTD – 94.60

Miles to Goal – 1405.40

Weight at end of the week – 232(down 7.8 pounds)