It was another very solid week of training. Over 38 miles total as well as 4 strength training days make for a good week. I’m not even sweating the 1.6 pound increase this week as I feel stronger and I am noticing a difference in how clothes are fitting. The number will start to drop again. I am confident of that!

Sunday, January 29 – It was supposed to be a rest day after a long 13 miler on Saturday. However, I woke up early and wanted to shake my legs out so I logged 3.3 easy miles at a 9:41 pace and cleared my head a little bit before church. I wrapped up the afternoon with 40 minutes of strength training followed by watching the WWE Royal Rumble!

Monday, January 30 – 5 miles in the neighborhood this morning and then some strength training after the kids left for school.

Tuesday, January 31 – I met up with my running group at Mount Trashmore and got 4.2 miles in at a 9:23 pace. That finishes up January with 141.6 which is one of my highest mileage months ever.

Wednesday, February 1 – 2.2 miles on the treadmill to warm up for my strength training.

Thursday, February 2 – 5.2 miles at Mount Trashmore with the Running Turtles. Ran at a 9:23 pace.

Friday, February 3 – 4.6 miles at a 9:04 pace followed by some strength training at the Y.

Saturday, February 4 – 14.1 miles at a 9:52 pace. Like last week I did a :90/:30 run/walk ratio up until I hit the final mile. I ran from 13.0-14.1 with no breaks. It felt great to have enough gas in the tank to do that. 

WTD -38.60

MTD (January)-  141.60

MTD (February) -26.10

YTD – 167.70

Miles to Goal 1332.30

Weight – 238.2 (gain 1.6)

Day 1 of Weight Training and Current (2 weeks)