This week was all about redemption for me. Last week was a complete downer as the miles were down and the weight was up. I was definitely able to change that pattern this week despite hitting the wall 3 miles before the end of my scheduled long run and packing it in at 11 miles instead of my target 14. We’ll talk about that when we get to Saturday’s run.  Here is how the week unfolded.

Sunday, February 19 – 6.6 miles at a 9:35 pace. Was still feeling fatigued so I made this an interval run (2:00/:30) for the duration. Followed it up with 52 minutes of strength training at the Y.

Monday, February 20 – 4 miles around the neighborhood at a 9:34 pace.

Tuesday, February 21 – 5 early morning miles with The Running Turtles at Mount Trashmore. I then did my strength training at the Y.

Wednesday, February 22 – Rest Day

Thursday, February 23 – 6 miles (9:14 pace) with The Running Turtles at Mount Trashmore, followed up by a round of strength training at the Y.

Friday, February 24 – After a late night at Winter Jam in Norfolk, I overslept this morning and had to put my run off until the afternoon.  I got 4.4 miles in at a 9:15 pace.


Today was also like Christmas morning.  I finally ordered a Garmin Forerunner 225. I did so, because I know that my phone battery will not last through marathon training.  As it is, after a 13-14 mile run, I have about 20 percent of my battery left.  That won’t be a problem anymore.  Can’t wait to take the Garmin for a spin tomorrow morning.


Saturday, February 25 – I don’t typically do a whole lot of out and back style runs (especially my long runs), but I was feeling great this morning and decided to run out to Mount Trashmore (4.9 miles), run 2 laps around the path there (2.15 miles/lap) and then head home for a total of roughly 14 miles. At about mile 8 I knew I was in trouble. I stopped to use the restroom at Mount Trashmore and could never quite get my mojo back. At mile 11 I was done.  Of course that meant that I still had to walk the rest of the way home, but my run stats for the day were 11 miles at a 10:16 pace.  On a positive note, I absolutely love my new Garmin.

Totem Selfie at Mount Trashmore

One final item of interest is that I have started to fill out my race schedule for the year. Here’s what I am officially registered for so far.

March – Shamrock 8k (Va. Beach)

April – Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon (Chesapeake, VA)

June – Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon (Ridgecrest, NC)

November – Richmond Marathon (Richmond, VA)

WTD – 37.0

MTD – 102.8

YTD – 244.4

Miles to Goal – 1255.60

Weight – 232.8 (down 9 pounds)

Lifting progress 5 weeks in